Hospitality is the quality of treating and receiving guests, visitors or strangers in a generous, warm, friendly way. Hospitality could be extended in a business setting or to a passerby on the street. Mostly people who work in hospitality industry work in conventional centers, restaurants or hotels. Those in hospitality career include; hotel clerks, hotel general managers, bellhops, concierges, executive chefs, housekeeping cleaners, event planners among others. Most of the hospitality positions held are within the hotel industry. For you to work in hospitality industry, you need to have such skills as communication skills, multitasking ability, customer service skills, language skills and enthusiasm.

Customer service skills are important in hospitality. Hospitality industries have trained personnel who have good customer service skills and welcome people warmly when they come to board at their lodging facility and ensure it is always clean. Good customer service calls for making the customers happy by meeting their expectations. Ensure that your visitors are well taken care of and feel comfortable. Their services are remarkable and they attract more customers since their guests will be keen to recommend their services to their friends.

Hospitality calls for good communication skills. Interacting with your customers and attending to their needs is very essential. For you to work in a hospitality industry, you need to be able to speak to your customers in approachable, polite manner and have excellent communications skills when relating with your colleagues. You need to focus on your capability to interact with your colleagues and customer. Any kind of miscommunication could lead to negative impact towards the business. It has been noted that most of the successful employees within hospitality and catering are those with notable communication skills.

Hospitable employees possess the ability to multitask especially when working in a busy hotel. Ensure that you highlight your organizational skills and time management to reinforce your ability to attend to guest’s needs while attending to other tasks. Once in a while, a chef might be required to respond to dissatisfied guest and at the same time expected to prepare the next meal. The hospitality industry changes from time to time and thus only valuable employees can keep the pace and positively respond to the new challenges.

In hospitality, language skills are vital since you will meet with people from different nationalities. Hospitality is a global industry and for you to succeed in this are, you need to be a multilingual so as to communicate with as many people as possible. The ability to communicate with people from different places is of great importance. When a foreigner receives a smile and a few words of welcome in their native language, they are reassured that they are in the right place.

Hospitality calls for enthusiasm. Great employees are enthusiastic about their jobs and they work hard to make sure they do their best. They are eager to give their customers satisfactory services.

Hospitality is all about maintaining the right attitude towards your customers. Ensure you treat your guest, visitors and strangers in a welcoming manner. Possess such qualities as communication skills, customer service, enthusiasm, language skills, and the ability to multitask to render satisfactory service to your esteemed customers. Always portray a positive attitude in any given task.


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