Cruise Ship

Everyone dreams of landing on a good job. While you may think that this is all, maintaining it is everything. You’ve landed on this beautiful job in a cruise ship but you patently do not have a hint of how you can apply your hospitality experience to deliver better. And perhaps, make the best use of your skills which, you never know, could lead to tremendous opportunities in your later carrier. Though we may look at a cruise ship as a mere transport facility, you will be surprised to learn of the many departments it possesses. Hotel operations, food and beverage, housekeeping, beauty salon and casino are just but a few departments which you may find yourself operating in as a hospitality expert. This means that your experience might turn useless if you do not drive yourself towards some certain course that will grant you the better worker. Below are some tips to see your work in a cruise ship at its full potential.

1. Choose the department you are best in

This is the fundamental basis for establishing your job in a cruise ship. You don’t really want your bosses having their noses on your weaknesses the minute you start your job, do you? Well, you could be after the department that remunerates well. Nobody would obviously deny the call for money. But oftentimes, it is the money that entice people to stagnation in carrier. If you can work well, for example, in the food and beverage department, do the job and in no time you will be climbing the promotion ladder.

2. Be smart

Being smart is not only about maintaining your tidiness. It has everything to do with the way you work and relate to both your crew members and the clients on board. The way you handle your clients and the crew members will automatically earn you some resolute level of respect and you will be able to deliver your services perfectly. The skills that you acquire when learning hospitality could be carefully combined to make your path in the cruise ship simple.

3. Understand your duties

There are many hospitality jobs to be done in the cruise ship. If you are not well informed about your duties, you might fail to deliver your services to the maximum. You could be a food service manager, a receptionist, floor supervisor, guest entertainer or even a gift shop manager. Whether you take any job in the cruise ship, you need to be well conversant with what is happening within your jurisdiction.

4. Establish and maintain a rapport with your bosses

Remember that in a cruise ship, your bosses have almost all that is necessary to either keep you in the job or make it short-lived. It only begin with respect and all will surely be well. By respect, it does not obviously mean that you have to stand straight every time you see a boss. That will be insane and you may even win your ticket out of the work place!

5. Be flexible and discipline

Every qualified hospitality manager is skilled with the necessary skills to handle various situations eminent in the cruise ship departments. You’ve got to be flexible in adjusting to various assignments that might be levied to you. You should be ready to handle rising situations within your ability. By discipline, it means that you should be considerate and sensitive to what is happening within the ship.

With the above tips at hand, you are good to go. Adopting them will not only make your pathways smooth but also ensure that you develop as a whole-rounded hospitality specialist.

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Hotel vs. Resort vs. Bed and Breakfast

A majority of people out there do not really know the difference between a hotel, a bed and breakfast and a resort. Much as these terms may seem to be the same, they have slight differences in terms of their basic purpose, services they provide , their location, amenities as well as the activities they provide.

What is a Resort?

A resort is a commercial establishment that provides relaxation and recreation apart from meals , accommodation , and other basic amenities. A resort stands out as it combines a hotel with recreation facilities. Essentially, a resort serves meals, drinks , entertainment, lodging , lodging , sports , and relaxation facilities such as spa and shopping. There are hotels that are located inside resorts and they are known as resort hotels. Fundamentally, people frequent resorts for relaxation and recreation purposes.

Resorts provide more than just a place where you can stay temporarily and keep your belongings. Resorts are established near mesmerizing natural surroundings to provide visitors with various activities to make the most out of their stay.

What is a Hotel?

A hotel basically provides comfortable and luxurious lodging , food and drinks for visitors who are away from their homes for a short period of time . More often, hotels are booked by travelers who have a purpose. Hotels are commonly used to hold functions, conferences, wedding events, meetings or even vacation. People who are unable to spend a night their homes may spend the night in a hotel. Usually, hotels are meant for short stays whereas resorts are meant for longer stays. Another major difference between a hotel and a resort is their location. Hotels are usually located in popular destinations like airports, railway stations of major stations of major cities and towns, as well as business areas. On the other hand, resorts are located in the midst of natural and attractive surroundings.

Generally, a resort may provide everything that a hotel provides , but a hotel cannot provide everything that a resort can, including accommodations, scenic views, entertainment and relaxation facilities.

What is breakfast?

Breakfast is the first meal of the day eaten in the morning. This meal provides your body and brain with fuel after an overnight fast. Breakfast is an essential meal as it fuels you up and gets you ready for the day. Reputable hotels and resorts serve their clients with a healthy breakfast that provides calories required by the body.

What is a bed and why is it important?

A good bed is key for having a good night sleep. Reputable hotels and resorts their clients with king size beds for added space and comfort. This ensures clients have restful night’s sleep. A bed provides plenty of support and has many health benefits.

People who suffer from joint injuries or conditions such as arthritis require a good bed to lie back on without disturbing their partner.

A king size bed is good for a family as it will fit both parents and their children comfortably.

Moreover, this kind of bed offers extra storage in case visitors need a little help in keeping their room cleaner and less cluttered. The bed also comes with drawers for storage of items.

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Hospitality is the quality of treating and receiving guests, visitors or strangers in a generous, warm, friendly way. Hospitality could be extended in a business setting or to a passerby on the street. Mostly people who work in hospitality industry work in conventional centers, restaurants or hotels. Those in hospitality career include; hotel clerks, hotel general managers, bellhops, concierges, executive chefs, housekeeping cleaners, event planners among others. Most of the hospitality positions held are within the hotel industry. For you to work in hospitality industry, you need to have such skills as communication skills, multitasking ability, customer service skills, language skills and enthusiasm.

Customer service skills are important in hospitality. Hospitality industries have trained personnel who have good customer service skills and welcome people warmly when they come to board at their lodging facility and ensure it is always clean. Good customer service calls for making the customers happy by meeting their expectations. Ensure that your visitors are well taken care of and feel comfortable. Their services are remarkable and they attract more customers since their guests will be keen to recommend their services to their friends.

Hospitality calls for good communication skills. Interacting with your customers and attending to their needs is very essential. For you to work in a hospitality industry, you need to be able to speak to your customers in approachable, polite manner and have excellent communications skills when relating with your colleagues. You need to focus on your capability to interact with your colleagues and customer. Any kind of miscommunication could lead to negative impact towards the business. It has been noted that most of the successful employees within hospitality and catering are those with notable communication skills.

Hospitable employees possess the ability to multitask especially when working in a busy hotel. Ensure that you highlight your organizational skills and time management to reinforce your ability to attend to guest’s needs while attending to other tasks. Once in a while, a chef might be required to respond to dissatisfied guest and at the same time expected to prepare the next meal. The hospitality industry changes from time to time and thus only valuable employees can keep the pace and positively respond to the new challenges.

In hospitality, language skills are vital since you will meet with people from different nationalities. Hospitality is a global industry and for you to succeed in this are, you need to be a multilingual so as to communicate with as many people as possible. The ability to communicate with people from different places is of great importance. When a foreigner receives a smile and a few words of welcome in their native language, they are reassured that they are in the right place.

Hospitality calls for enthusiasm. Great employees are enthusiastic about their jobs and they work hard to make sure they do their best. They are eager to give their customers satisfactory services.

Hospitality is all about maintaining the right attitude towards your customers. Ensure you treat your guest, visitors and strangers in a welcoming manner. Possess such qualities as communication skills, customer service, enthusiasm, language skills, and the ability to multitask to render satisfactory service to your esteemed customers. Always portray a positive attitude in any given task.


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What is hospitality?

Hospitality Industry is the broad term used for the service sector industries that include food and beverage, accommodations, event management, amusement park, entertainment, travel and tourism, airline and many more customer oriented organizations. These industries works with the service of a multidisciplinary team including cooks, servers, cleaners, management and all the essential staff to run each facility. The services of these industries are required and utilized by each and every individual, to a smaller or greater extent. Some take these services as necessity and other for luxury. This reality itself makes hospitality industries different from other industries.

Hospitality industries have different themes and decorative atmosphere to attract the customers. Every effort is made by the industries to make the place beautiful and soothing to its customers. The industries spend a lot in this regard. This makes the customers more comfortable and relaxed in a hospitality industry compared to any other industry in the world. Customers will also be willing to revisit the business.

The crucial aspect which makes the hospital industry to differ from rest of the industries in the world is that its focus is on customer service. Hospitality industry serves the customers better as the personnel work in direct contact with the customers. Today’s hospitality industry is lively with professionalism, originality and great concern for the satisfaction and wellbeing of the customers. This makes it very successful and competitive in the rest of the world.

Another differentiating aspect of hospitality industry is that it depends on the leisure time of the customers. Everyone needs to make their leisure time as enjoyable as possible and they search for the best of the hospitality services. This area has support of rich businessmen and attracts tourists, as the industry is also dependent on the people’s disposable income.

These days customers aim towards high quality of service and satisfaction. The hospitality industry strives at providing quality of service to the customers. It makes every effort to match the services to the needs of the customers. Loyalty and best service is the essential aspect of these industries which retains the customers. The employees working here are friendly and compassionate to the customers, as they value the customers and provide them with adequate service. Only the hospitality industries make every effort to provide this type of effective service to its customers.

Hospitality industry is well known for its efficiency, level of comfort and top-class service. Today’s customers rely on those industries which are efficient and provide flawless service. This industry strives towards providing exclusive services to its customers to stay high in the competitive world. Customer Relationship Management and innovation of the products and services makes this industry different from their competitors. They give more importance to operational excellence and increase in the customer value.

As hospitality industry is the wide term used to reflect the services of many different sectors, these have very essential distinguishing features to make them different from other industries in the world. These industries not only focus on quality of services and comfort, they aim at providing the customers what they want. By providing quality of service, better customer relation, loyalty and customer satisfaction, the hospitality industry makes itself different from other industries. A growing hospitality industry makes sure that all their customers are satisfied and comfortable; this makes it really different from other industries in the world.


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Do you need a hospitality management degree?

Three- or four-year hospitality management courses are not necessary for every situation; you can choose a hospitality management certificate or hospitality management diploma and fulfill your goals just the same. Some instances where you can probably opt for shorter hospitality management courses instead of full degree courses are:


1. You are already employed and merely want to include hospitality management in your current skills. Especially if the company you are with is in the hospitality industry, hospitality management courses such as hospitality management certificate or hospitality management diploma will prove to be an advantage regardless of your position and responsibilities. Who knows, it may even lead to your promotion or transfer to a better department.

2. You want to enhance your business with a hospitality facet. Perhaps you have an internet shop, and you want to attract more customers by adding a cafe. Your primary concern is not on serving food and beverages. However, since you have decided to provide these, you might as well learn how to go about it properly. You can take hospitality management certificate or hospitality management diploma, finish the course in weeks, and get ready to add zest to your offerings.

3. You are in the hospitality field but want to brush up on the latest developments. Hospitality management is a cutthroat field, and it advances rather quickly. Hence, what you learned a couple of years ago may be obsolete now. It won’t make sense to enroll in a degree program again, but you can still learn new information and techniques with hospitality management certificate or hospitality management diploma course.

4. You need to start working right away. Not all students have the luxury of time or money to take longer hospitality management courses. Since the hospitality industry offers many employment opportunities, you can qualify for a position immediately if you will choose a hospitality management certificate or hospitality management diploma.

However, a degree in this field of hospitalityManagement gives work seekers an unmistakably favorable position as far as arranging pay scales, and additionally in securing the employment. Postgraduate degrees quite often ensure a quick ascent through the positions.

Most Hospitality Administration schools offer degrees at the undergrad and also the Masters and graduate level. A four-year Bachelor of Science (BS) in Hotel Management degree or a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree is meant only for the undergrad level. A BS degree in accommodation administration is more fund driven, and for the most part, has an essential course.

Abroad graduates hoping to seek after a profession in friendliness need to join a presumed organization to get world-class preparing and abilities. Study hospitality courses you can get proper training in cutting edge educational modules and guided by qualified resources in classrooms. Experiencing this course, graduates get learning about the business and create abilities to treat outsiders.

With tuition and other related fees increasing each year, hospitality management courses which you can complete in 30 weeks or less are more practical. You can even take hospitality management certificate and hospitality management diploma through online education for more convenience and fewer expenses.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Management Courses

Sorry to say, there is a huge shortfall of qualified professionals in this industry. But it is excellent news for the new comers who want to build a career in this field.

And that is why we seen a fantastic boom of colleges which offers a wide range of hotel management courses in India. A new comer always have few questions in his mind about these courses and doubting on whether he is suitable to go for these hotel management courses or not? I have tried to clear few of them and that you may have in your mind.

How you come to know whether Hotel Management Courses are suitable for you or not?

The excellent thing is that there is no scientist brain looked-for to attend these courses. If you are cool and composed in nature, believe in hard working, attitude towards solving problem, like to communicate with different kind of people and having pleasant personality then you are certainly reckon to build a career in hotel management and get qualified for these hotel management courses.

What is the content of hotel management courses?

This is another question most new comers fears about. There is no rocket science in this way. This courses trains you and adds professional attitude in day to day general operations of the hotel industry, additional more makes you excellent in sales and marketing, food and beverage management, catering management and in services delivery.

What is the way duration of hotel management courses?

In general three year degree courses are more accepted in this industry. All through these years you will be trained in all required skills and attitude which allows you to perform all your managerial responsibilities at the best level.

What qualification required enrolling in hotel management courses?

These are really best part of hotel management courses. The basic qualification they demand is 10th or 12th from any discipline.

What kind of jobs you can apply after hotel management courses?

You can apply for any kind of management jobs in hotel industry after qualifying hotel management courses. You can apply for jobs as a hotel manager, front office manager, food & beverages manager, customer care executive or in any area in hotel management which requires skilled management personals.

Salary scales of hotel management students?

If you are joining as a management trainee then it could be up to 10k to 12k immediately after completion of way. It may go up to 25 to 30 k depend upon your cleverness level and experience.

Where to find jobs after accomplishing hotel management courses?

You initially choice is obviously in hotel industry. The seats where tourism industry is highly developed, national and international tourist spots where there is a swarm of tourists gathers to spend their holidays.

Other industries where this way helps are airlines, cruse shape.
You can start your own business also because you have all the skills to run your own business in hotel industry.

So take advantage of booming hotel industry’s growth and build your career in hotel management. Take an edge over competition by joining hotel management courses.